Alja-Safe - Breeze
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Alja-Safe - Breeze

Product Code:SOAASBP

No powder - no dust! A new liquid alginate which blends easily with water, creating a unique, skin safe moldmaking material. Perfect for making single-use pourable molds of hands, feet and other body parts. Captures excellent detail, giving an accurate reproduction of the original. To make a mold of vertical body surfaces, you can use original Alja-Safe - Original or Alja-Safe - Acrobat. Good for casting PlasterduoMatrix NEO, Smooth-Cast 300Q fast urethane resin or fast setting platinum silicone such as Dragon Skin FX- Pro into the mold to make a reproduction.

Technical Data Sheet

Mixing Ratio: 5 Parts Warm Water/1 Part Alginate by Volume
Pot Life: 3 Minutes
Cure Time: 9 minutes
Color: Blue

Pint: 1 lb
Gallon: 9 lbs
CAD $22.00
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